SOCIMI (Spanish REIT) leader in the purchase and active management of real estate assets that generate stable long-term rents


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Plaza Fernández Duró, 3 Zamora | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius
Silicius - Bahía Plaza

SILICIUS Real Estate

SILICIUS is a SOCIMI (Spanish REIT) of Mazabi´s group specialised in the purchase and active management of real estate assets that generate stable income for its shareholders and provide them with an annual coupon.
It is led by a highly qualified management team with over 30 years of experience in the real estate market. SILICIUS´ portfolio is characterized for generating stable and diversified rents with adjusted managing costs and a policy of low leverage.

Outstanding projects

Velázquez 123

Velázquez, 123

MADRID. An exclusive office building, recently refurbished (2018) in the heart of Madrid's CBD.

Obenque 4

Obenque, 4

MADRID. An independent building for the exclusive use of offices, recently refurbished (2018) located in the A2 highway.

Paz, 11 Madrid | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Carretas, 10 – Paz, 11

MADRID. Two buildings formed by a 5* Hotel with Albéniz Theatre, a dancing hall and a commercial premise.

SILICIUS sponsored CG32M&G Tressis SILICIUS boat owned by Sportono Yllera Team in the 2019 Copa del Rey regatta

Perseverance, commitment, persistence and group work are values that characterize sailing, a discipline that requires several months of hard study, preparation and training to compete. The company definitely identifies itself with these values, applying them every day to guide and define daily work.