SILICIUS increases gross rents by 11.2% to 7.5 million euros

Consolida el aumento de rentas estables a largo plazo gracias al escalado de contratos, la indexación de las rentas y la firma de 18 contratos, sobre todo en oficinas, retail y centros comerciales. La SOCIMI cierra del primer trimestre de 2023 con un resultado neto positivo de 10,3 millones de euros, un EBITDA de 4,9 millones y un fondo de operaciones de 2,2 millones. Mejora un 4% la ocupación total…

SILICIUS signs an agreement with Acerca Hospitality for the reopening of the Cala Mandía hotel in Mallorca

The hotel, owned by SILICIUS, will be operated from May 1, 2023 by the firm Acerca Hospitality and will be known as Flipflop Cala Mandía. Its reopening occurs once finished the first of the two phases contemplated by the project of integral reform of the property, which will go from 80 to 113 rooms and will reach the category of four stars

SILICIUS promotes culture in its shopping centres

During the month of April, the SOCIMI (Spanish REIT) promotes artistic exhibitions, literary competitions and different workshops in its shopping centres Bahía Plaza (Cádiz), La Fira (Reus) and Thader (Murcia) to foment culture and reading. These actions are part of the program "SILICIUS’ 12 causes", included in the CSR plan, which seeks to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring sustainable and positive business success for the environment

SILICIUS improves its gross income by 20% during 2022 and consolidates its asset portfolio

Gross income reaches 30.9 million euros, thanks to the opening of large properties, new commercialisations and the scaling of contract revenues. Improves its Funds From Operations (FFO) by 42.2% to €20.2 million and its accounting EBITDA by 77.6% to €26.1 million. The SOCIMI (Spanish REIT) closes 2022 with a Gross Asset Value (GAV) of €709 million and a diversified portfolio of 42 assets.
Maria Valdovín
27 February 2023

Square Garden reaches 50% occupancy in its first building in less than a year since its launch

SILICIUS, owner of this office complex, completes the rental of more than 5,300 sqm of the Bioma building, the first to be reformed, where several technology, security, video game editing companies, public services and coworking are already located. Located in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid), Square Garden is a sustainable, efficient and flexible office space, which has four buildings. The SOCIMI continues the marketing process of both this first building and the…

SILICIUS improves its net income by 20.5% and reaches 12.1 million euros

The SOCIMI intensifies its commercial activity with the signing of 20 new rental contracts and improves its gross rents by 4.9% in Like-for-Like terms. The company improves the occupancy of its properties in operation by 0.6% and increases the occupancy of its total portfolio of assets by 3.6% thanks to the signing of a new contract with Universal Music Hotels in Carretas and the first rental contracts in Square Garden…