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Equity stake

An equity stake constitutes a great business opportunity for many companies, since it allows them to invest part of their money in areas other than those of their normal activity. This is a good alternative to diversify risks and obtain new ways of income, increasing the total profit rate.

What is an equity stake?

The first reaction to hearing about this concept is usually to wonder what an equity stake is. These are companies in which a part of their capital less than 50% belongs to other companies, without there being a direct commercial relationship between them. In other words, the participating companies are not affiliates or subsidiaries of the main shareholder. They are, in short, completely independent entities.

Having shares in investee companies dedicated to different productive sectors gives investment companies the possibility of receiving considerable profits. All this while saving the management expenses involved in carrying out the daily activities of any business.

Another very relevant advantage of investee companies is that they not only make possible the simultaneous investment of funds in a wide variety of tasks, but also allow any company to enter international markets by buying shares of investee companies from other countries.

These collective investment instruments have significant tax advantages, which favors the stable distribution of dividends among shareholders. In addition, they create collaboration networks between different companies that have an impact on the collective benefit of the different actors involved in the promotion of wealth and economic growth.

SILICIUS is part of the shareholders of investee companies in Spain and the rest of Europe. Thanks to this, it diversifies its capital and receives income on a regular basis and with low risk, from activities related to national retail and real estate in places such as the United Kingdom, Luxembourg or the Netherlands.

Equity stake

Shark Capital

Equity stake in investment with real estate assets in London, Amsterdam and Luxembourg.