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Industrial estates and logistics assets have become one of the most prominent real estate investment focuses. The wide range of possibilities offered by these infrastructures, as well as their ease of use, make buying and renting this kind of property a great business opportunity in the medium and long term.

Investment in logistics assets

Investment in logistics real estate assets includes the acquisition and leasing of individual buildings and industrial estates, large complexes that concentrate a considerable number of industrial buildings. These real estate are often used to house manufacturing and storage business activities for all types of goods.

The correct location of the logistics centers is a decisive factor in obtaining high levels of profitability. In particular, it is highly recommended that they are located in places with significant flows of industrial, commercial or productive activity. The areas of cities and their surroundings that meet these requirements become very profitable real estate assets for rent to companies of any field.

Due to the rise of e-commerce and industrial activities, e-commerce logistics is a growing area. These are properties that centralize the reception, classification and distribution of products purchased over the internet.

With the great existing demand for the lease of logistics land, having technical preparation and experience in real estate is essential to obtain the best results with the rental of goods for e-commerce logistics. In this sense, participation in companies that manage investments in logistics real estate assets is a great option to diversify assets and secure income.

Silicius offers investors interested in the real estate market its extensive experience in the professional management of logistics assets, guaranteeing shareholders the stable distribution of dividends through an annual coupon.

Logistics assets

Riu Segura Valencia | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Riu Segura

VALENCIA. A logistic complex of 11 warehouses located in the industrial estate of Vara de Quart.