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Office rental is one of the businesses that generates the most profitability in Spain, increasing profits year after year. The levels of construction and demand in the market are quite high, so the purchase and lease of this type of property will continue to be a great option to invest funds and diversify assets safely.

Why invest in office rental?

Managing office buildings for lease is a highly responsible task. Choosing well-connected areas with an important business fabric is essential. As is guaranteeing adequate conditioning that promotes the arrival of companies from different fields.

To obtain profitability from the rental of offices, an optimal state of conservation of the facilities is required, as well as the maintenance of basic supplies such as electricity and water. Of course, it is necessary to have security services, cleaning and provision of food and beverages through vending machines or similar solutions.

Within the national territory, office rental in Madrid is particularly advantageous for investors, above all due to the rich productive, labor and financial structure of the capital. The same happens with other large cities such as Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga or Seville, which also concentrate a considerable number of companies and businesses.

Likewise, thanks to the consolidated flow of activities and economic prosperity, the north of Spain is an ideal place to invest money in real estate destined to host the workers of any company. In this sense, the rental of offices in Bilbao, the rental of offices in San Sebastián or the rental of offices in Santander are especially recommended.

Silicius has a proven professional track record managing the rental of offices in various cities in Spain, working for years with the most efficient investment methods to achieve stable profits and offer the maximum profitability to shareholders.

Office rental

Paseo General Dávila, 87 Santander | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Paseo General Dávila, 87

SANTANDER. Equity stake in property owner of an independent office building.

Obenque 4

Obenque, 4

MADRID. An independent building for the exclusive use of offices, recently refurbished (2018) located in the A2 highway.

Parque Tecnológico Zamudio | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Ed. 222 Parque Tecnológico Zamudio

BILBAO. This office building is among the 3 best office buildings in Bilbao.

Marie Curie, 9

MADRID. Marie Curie, 9. Rivas-Vaciamadrid. Arista business complex, composed of 4 office buildings.