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Buying residential assets for rental is a very important source of income. The deep knowledge of the real estate market, together with the professional management of this type of real estate, makes it possible to obtain a very high profitability in the medium and long term.

Should you invest in real estate assets?

In Spain, the demand for housing is much higher than the supply, both for renovated apartments and new construction. This explains why residential real estate assets have so much potential to generate stable rents with their lease. The most prominent assets are tourist flats and apartment buildings, but there are also others, such as chalets or luxury apartments.

The business possibilities are not limited only to renting a new home. Second-hand assets and real estate, such as renovated apartments, can be even more profitable. Of course, for this it is necessary to carry out a professional conditioning of the buildings, with the necessary reforms to guarantee optimal habitability and comfort conditions for the well-being of the tenants.

Without a doubt, the location of the residential assets is one of the most important variables when determining the degree of profitability derived from your rental. In general, real estate located in provincial capitals, large cities and tourist areas is the most profitable. Although, it will be the degree of demand that will decisively influence the final price of the property lease.

To know where it is most convenient to buy residential assets to manage your rent, it is essential to make a detailed study of the market situation in each place. Silicius has the best real estate professionals to determine what are the most appropriate decisions when it comes to making investments in real estate assets profitable.

Real estate residential assets

Madrazo, 6-10

MADRID. A property formed by 4 buildings with 25 dwellings, 4 commercial premises and a pavilion for the use of tertiary services.