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Real estate retail

The commercial premises market is a very important source of business in our country. This type of property is one of the real estate assets that return the highest gross return rates to investors. Therefore, they are a good alternative to diversify assets.

Why invest in real estate retail?

Real estate retail consists of the purchase and sale of commercial premises to be used for the leasing of businesses dedicated to the retail sale of products and services. This includes consumer spaces as varied as supermarkets, fashion stores, bookstores or fast food restaurants.

Due to its enormous potential to generate economic income for companies, the demand for commercial premises is very high in Spain. Many factors influence the success of a retail store. One of the main ones is that the establishments are well located for the consumers.

Major cities are the ideal environment to monetize retail real estate, especially in downtown areas with the highest number of people. In this sense, the rental of premises in Madrid is a safe bet to obtain high and constant profits over time.

Many provincial capitals of Spain have ideal spaces to house all kinds of retail stores. Among them, it is worth highlighting the profitability offered by the rental of premises in Bilbao, the rental of premises in San Sebastián, the rental of premises in Vitoria or the rental of premises in Zamora.

Keep in mind that the duration of the leases of retail businesses is usually quite long. In this way, the rental of commercial premises generates regular income for property owners, producing levels of benefits capable of making the initial investment profitable in a more than reasonable period of time.

Silicius has spent years practicing the professional management of commercial premises in various parts of the Spanish geography. It has experts in real estate retail with the experience and knowledge necessary to generate a profitability higher than the market average, ensuring the receipt of stable income for its shareholders.

Commercial premises

Velázquez, 136

MADRID. Commercial premise located in Velázquez Street, 136, street corner to López de Hoyos.

Paseo de la Castellana, 178 Madrid | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Paseo de la Castellana 178

MADRID. Commercial premise located in a consolidated shopping area in Paseo de la Castellana.

Grecia - Ciudad Transporte Castellón | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Grecia – Ciudad Transporte. Castellón

CASTELLÓN. Retail park with an only tenant located in Parque Comercial Ciudad del Transporte in Castellón.

Eduardo Dato, 12 Vitoria-Gasteiz | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Eduardo Dato, 12

VITORIA. Commercial property located in Eduardo Dato 12, a pedestrian street situated in the shopping area of Vitoria.

Plaza Fernández Duró, 3 Zamora | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Plaza Fernández Duró, 3

VITORIA. Commercial property located in Eduardo Dato 12, a pedestrian street situated in the shopping area of Vitoria.

Activo Inmobiliario - Avenida Aragon

Avda. de Aragón, 148-150

VIGO. Commercial property located in a consolidated commercial area in one of the most relevant zones in the city of Vigo.

Careaga, 109 Barakaldo | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Careaga, 109

BILBAO. Commercial industrial unit located in the biggest leisure and restaurant area.

San Joaquín, 8 Madrid | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

San Joaquín, 8

MADRID. Commercial property located in an area in constant growth, both regarding shops and restaurants.

Conde de Peñalver, 60 Madrid | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Conde de Peñalver, 60

MADRID. Commercial property located in the commercial part in the district of Salamanca.

Felipe V, 2 Madrid | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Felipe V, 2

MADRID. This premise is located in one of the few pedestrian streets in the city of Madrid.

Blanca de Navarra, 10 Madrid | Activos inmobiliarios | Silicius

Blanca de Navarra, 10

MADRID. Commercial property located in the ground floor of a luxury residential building which has just been refurbished.

Paseo de Yeserías, 9

MADRID. A real estate asset formed by three commercial properties, two of which are on ground floor and the third one in between floors with independent access.

Las Matas. Madrid

LAS MATAS. MADRID. 12 commercial premises on the ground floor of a 7,210 sqm building located in a consolidated urban area with 179 parking spaces.