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Shopping centres

The market for commercial premises for rent is a very important source of business in our country. This type of property is one of the real estate assets that returns the highest gross return rates to investors. Therefore, they are a good alternative to diversify assets.

Why invest in shopping centres?

The vigor of consumption and the rise of retail make shopping one of the most significant leisure components of Spanish society. The spaces dedicated to the sale of products and services have a constant flow of customers. For this reason, renting a premises in a shopping center has enormous potential to generate profits in the medium and long term.

Investing in a commercial park offers a wide variety of business opportunities. The properties can house from fashion, technology, gift, book, DIY, food or sports stores, to clinics, movie theaters and hotel and restaurant services. Renting these premises in shopping centers is a great option to obtain profitability.

Activities related to retail have very competitive profit levels, making shopping centers one of the most profitable assets to use for rental within the Spanish real estate sector. This is especially the case in large cities and their metropolitan areas, as well as in specialized national and international tourism sites.

All these factors explain why the leasing of the premises of the shopping centers is an ideal choice to obtain stable rents in a secure way. Of course, it must be done in the hands of duly qualified real estate professionals with extensive experience in managing real estate assets.

Silicius has experts in the active management of shopping centers for rent, with the experience and technical preparation that make it possible to provide these types of buildings with the optimal environmental conditions of safety, hygiene and comfort to guarantee the well-being of customers and the profitability of investments.

Rental of premises in shopping centres

CC Thader

MURCIA: Shopping centre with a very particular architectural design structured in two commercial levels and underground parking. 6,5 million customers attend this place every year.

CC La Fira

REUS. La Fira is a shopping centre with a total retail floor area of 29,013 sqm which holds stores for the main fashion and accessories brands as well as a wide variety of restaurants and leisure services.

Silicius - Bahía Plaza

CC Bahía Plaza

CÁDIZ. Bahía Plaza is a shopping and leisure centre conceived to be enjoyed by a wide public.