• All the measures implemented to help prevent the spread of COVID in La Fira, Bahía Plaza and Thader shopping centres will be analysed and verified
  • This certification protocol includes the perspective of diversity and accessibility

6 August 2020, Madrid– SILICIUS has decided to take a further step in its commitment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. All the safety and hygiene measures implemented in all its shopping centres concerning coronavirus will prove to be adequate and will fulfil the AIS-COVID Protocol.

Bahía Plaza (Cádiz), La Fira (Reus) and Thader (Murcia) shopping centres will implement the protocol certification which considers accessibility from all points of views to ensure the health and safety of all customers including people with disabilities, elderly and children.

The AIS-COVID Protocol is strongly based on the indications established by the Ministry of Health on matters of COVID-19 and occupational safety and accessibility. It follows national and international legislation as well as good practices lead by public and professional institutions.

It assesses with two levels of excellence: Certification, as confirmation and endorsement of the correct adoption of measures of the protocol established; and Excellent, highlighting the efforts made above regulatory compliance.

SILICIUS wants to take a step further in its commitment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by implementing the AIS-COVID Protocol which will ensure the safety of its customers and will create safer, more usable and comfortable spaces.