• The capital increase is the result of monetary contribution and it is aimed at the growth of SILICIUS portfolio by means of the contribution and acquisition of assets defined in its Business Plan
  • The purchase of 29% of Shark Capital, a Real Estate investment vehicle managed by Mazabi, will allow Silicius to enter the European market and to diversify its assets geographically

13 December 2019, MadridSILICIUS Real Estate, SOCIMI specialised in the management of rental properties focusing on long term and stable income streams, has closed a double operation consisting in an increase of capital and the purchase of shares of a society which operates in the European Real Estate market.

Silicius has notarised the capital increase approved by its shareholders in the meeting held last September. The final capital increase results in €22 million. The increase is aimed at the continuation of the investment plan set out in the Company´s Business Plan. Current shareholders took up the new shares along with 13 new investors.

“Our current shareholders have shown they trust in our team and it also means external investors support to the Company´s Business Plan for its stock market debut”, says Juan Diaz de Bustamante, Managing Director of the company.

Shark Capital, society managed by Mazabi, invests in Real Estate focusing on stable income streams with a limited and diversified-in-Europe leverage. It currently owns properties in London, Amsterdam and Luxembourg (in the recent past it also owned properties in Lisbon and Edinburgh).

Capital increase, diversification and an annual coupon guide Shark´s strategy, all of which perfectly fits with Silicius´ philosophy. This acquisition fulfils the business plan defined by Silicius together with its shareholders which aims to have 20-25% of its portfolio in Europe.

The society is currently developing a process of investment both in Poland and Portugal. Future strategy is to integrate a higher percentage in the society.

“Acquiring 29% of Shark Capital is the first step of the strategy of diversification set up in the investment policy. Diversifying our assets around Europe is a plus: it enriches our portfolio, it makes it more attractive and reduces the geographical risks” says Juan Diaz de Bustamante.

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