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  • This document sets out the roadmap for achieving the company’s sustainability and ESG goals. Additionally, the SOCIMI establishes its ESG Strategic Plan aligned with the SDGs.
  • The company integrates sustainability at the core of its operations and strategic decisions. It also incorporates the Best Practices Recommendations on Sustainability from EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) to be applied in the 2024 fiscal year.
  • The preparation of this first Sustainability Report has enabled the company to consider the expectations of all its stakeholders and set management priorities, establish clear goals and specific indicators, and evaluate short- and long-term impacts.

Madrid, July 3, 2024. SILICIUS Real Estate, a SOCIMI specialising in the long-term management of properties with stable income, marks a milestone in its commitment to responsibility, the development of a sustainable future, and improving its impact on local communities by publishing its first Sustainability Report.

This document outlines the steps to achieve the company’s sustainability and ESG goals. Furthermore, SILICIUS establishes its ESG Strategic Plan, designed in accordance with the SDGs. By doing so, sustainability is integrated at the core of its operations and strategic decisions, considering the environmental and social impact of every action, both in daily activities and long-term policies.


Although the company was founded with a strong commitment to ESG standards and social responsibility, this report will enable SILICIUS to evaluate itself against sector benchmarks that measure company and portfolio ESG performance, understanding the impact of its activities on stakeholders. Additionally, the SOCIMI has begun incorporating the EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) Best Practice Recommendations on Sustainability to be applied in the current fiscal year.

For Juan Antonio Gutiérrez Hernando, CEO of SILICIUS, “At SILICIUS, we understand our responsibility in the journey towards a fairer and more sustainable future and are determined to be part of the solution. Moreover, we believe that mere regulatory compliance will not create differential value or significantly contribute to competitiveness. Therefore, as a responsible company towards our stakeholders and society in general, we have taken a stand and prepared our first Sustainability Report, which will be directly linked to our business strategy and allow us to assess the footprint we are leaving.”

“The publication of our first Sustainability Report is a fundamental milestone because it documents and bears witness to an essential part of who we are as a company: our commitment to sustainability and compliance. Sustainability and compliance are not just concepts but fundamental values that guide our decision-making at SILICIUS. This report marks a starting point and serves as a guide on our path to greater responsibility,” comments María Reigal, Head of Compliance at the company.

The SILICIUS Sustainability Report details several environmental initiatives already underway. The company has implemented measures to optimise water and energy consumption, promote recycling and material reuse, and contract green energy. In this regard, SILICIUS has calculated and verified its Carbon Footprint. Furthermore, in line with its goal of responsible resource use, electric vehicle charging points have been increased in its shopping centres and offices, and the installation of photovoltaic solar and renewable energy at Thader Shopping Centre continues, adding to what is already available at its other shopping centre, La Fira. The Thader Shopping Centre has also been certified with the BREEAM seal, receiving a “Very Good” rating, while La Fira also achieved a “Very Good” rating. Additionally, two of its offices have obtained a “Good” rating. Moreover, 100% of its portfolio has energy certification, with 60% of the assets rated A and B, the highest grades.

In the social sphere, the company runs the “Las 12 Causas Silicius” programme, where each month it undertakes social actions in areas such as cultural promotion, educational support, or animal welfare. It also financially supports various rugby club schools, particularly focusing on the training efforts of the schools and the promotion of women’s teams. Through these sponsorships, the company participates in various charitable activities developed by the clubs. Notably, in 2022 and 2023, SILICIUS, in collaboration with several local schools in Los Barrios, planted 3,000 trees in the Alcornocales Natural Park in Cádiz. Additionally, the Bahía Plaza Shopping Centre has been awarded the Company Award at the 6th edition of the Onda Cero Campo de Gibraltar Awards, recognising the centre’s role in the economic and social development of the region.

In governance, SILICIUS has adopted a compliance model based on the UNE 19601:2017 standard for criminal compliance management systems. Furthermore, throughout the fiscal year, the company undergoes internal and external audits, emphasising its essential role of transparency towards the market. An ethical channel has also been implemented.

SILICIUS’s first Sustainability Report is a testament to its commitment and achievements to date and will act as a benchmark for its ongoing commitment to continuously improving its practices to contribute to a more sustainable future.