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  • During the month of October, the SOCIMI promotes activities at its shopping centers La Fira (Reus), Thader (Murcia), and Bahía Plaza (Cádiz) to raise awareness about breast cancer
  •  The Majadahonda Rugby Club, sponsored by SILICIUS, collaborates with the Spanish Association of Metastatic Cancer by disseminating information about this disease and fundraising.
  • These initiatives are part of the “SILICIUS 12 Causes” program, included in its CSR plan to contribute to the SDGs and promote sustainable and positive business activities for the environment.

Madrid, October 19, 2023. SILICIUS Real Estate, a SOCIMI specialized in managing long-term properties with stable incomes, has launched exhibitions, concerts, and gatherings during October at its shopping centers to raise awareness about breast cancer. This initiative coincides with the celebration of World Breast Cancer Day on October 19, as part of the “SILICIUS 12 Causes” program by the SOCIMI.

During these days, SILICIUS shopping centers have become spaces in the fight against this disease, raising sensitivity and awareness about it, being the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women in Spain.

At La Fira shopping center, the exhibition “Pink is more than a color” is currently taking place, aiming to raise awareness about the issues related to this disease. This exhibition, in collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), sheds light on the reality of this disease, aiming to highlight the importance of early diagnosis and other aspects of the disease, such as its physical, psychological, and social effects. Visitors can see the exhibition located on the second floor of La Fira, from October 18 to 31.

Thader Shopping Center commemorated World Breast Cancer Day on October 18 and 19, becoming the headquarters for an awareness campaign conducted by the Spanish Association Against Cancer in the Murcia Region. Under the motto “Returning identity to pink” and with the clear purpose of emphasizing that “pink is more than a color,” this campaign sought to revive the original meaning of pink as a symbol of the fight and hope against breast cancer.

Thus, this campaign had a triple objective: supporting the research of breast cancers with lower survival rates, attending to the needs of patients suffering from this disease, and reminding all women about the importance of participating in screenings. Within this campaign, Thader held a special event featuring a concert by Lydia Martin. Additionally, it conducted the sale of solidarity products, with the participation of volunteers from the Spanish Association Against Cancer in the Murcia Region, and distributed 2,000 pink ribbons to all customers as a symbol of support and awareness.

At Bahía Plaza, on the upcoming 28th, an exhibition handball match for children in the lower categories will be held, aiming to promote health and sports among the youngest. The event will involve “Bandera Rosa,” the Association of Patients and Families of Breast Cancer in Campo de Gibraltar, which will set up a stand for awareness and sensitization about this disease.

Also, coinciding with the World Day Against Metastatic Breast Cancer, the Majadahonda Rugby Club, sponsored by SILICIUS—its first female team is now named SILICIUS Majadahonda Rugby Club from this season—has welcomed volunteers from the Spanish Association of Metastatic Cancer. Thus, during a day, information about the disease has been distributed to women and girls, and sportswear and merchandising have been sold to raise funds for this associative entity.

All these actions are part of “SILICIUS 12 Causes,” a program included in the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategic plan. This ongoing project aims to contribute to and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

During this year, SILICIUS has committed to and supported twelve different initiatives, such as environmental awareness and sustainability, animal welfare, or intergenerational connections and mutual enrichment between the elderly and the younger generation.

The SOCIMI, aspiring for its business success to be sustainable and generate a positive impact on the environment, reaffirms with initiatives like these its commitment to the environment, society, and corporate governance, engaging in improving the environment through collaborations and alliances with different sectors.


SILICIUS is the MAZABI SOCIMI specialized in the purchase and active management of profitable assets that generate stable long-term income for its investors. The company has been listed on the BME Growth since September 2021 and is guided by the following business principles: conservative long-term investments, liquidity of assets, annual coupon payment, and low indebtedness.

SILICIUS is implementing a growth plan through cash and non-cash contributions, as well as corporate operations for scalability of investment types, with a “pipeline” of several projects under analysis to reach the target figure of 1,000 million euros in the medium term.