• The SOCIMI is committed to values ​​such as respect, humility, effort, integrity and passion that characterize the rugby
  • The collaboration agreement has been signed with Club de Rugby Complutense Cisneros, Club de Rugby Majadahonda, Alcobendas Rugby and Palencia Rugby Club.

Madrid, April 6, 2021. SILICIUS Real Estate, SOCIMI, specialized in the management of long-term properties with stable income, has recently closed an agreement with four rugby clubs located in the Community of Madrid and Castilla y León, with the aim of supporting the continuity and growth of this sport, as well as the training work carried out by the clubs in their youth categories.

Specifically, SILICIUS has signed a collaboration agreement with three clubs from the Community of Madrid (Club de Rugby Complutense Cisneros, Club de Rugby Majadahonda and Alcobendas Rugby), and with another located in Castilla y León (Palencia Rugby Club), thus becoming a sponsor of all of them.

All four own a huge experience in Spanish Rugby and have a solid organizational structure, which includes schools for youth categories. Integrated within the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Club de Rugby Cisneros has a track record of more than 75 years, while Club Rugby Majadahonda, Alcobendas Rugby and the Palencia Rugby Club started their journey at the beginning of the 90s.

According to the agreement, SILICIUS will support the continuity of the schools that these four clubs have, as well as the activities they carry out both on and off the field.

This agreement is part of SILICIUS’ commitment to sport and specifically to values such as respect, humility, effort, integrity and passion, which characterize rugby and which the SOCIMI incorporates as its own in its business activity.

The signing of the agreements comes just a few weeks after MAZABI, a Multi-Family Office that manages SILICIUS, reached an agreement with the Independiente Rugby Club of Santander to become its main sponsor for the next two seasons. In this way, the team has been officially renamed MAZABI SANTANDER.

Previously, SILICIUS has also carried out actions to support other sports such as sailing, where perseverance, dedication and teamwork are key values. Specifically, in 2019 it supported Daniel de la Pedraja and Iker Martínez’s boat, the M&G Tressis Silicius GC32, in its participation in the Copa del Rey.