• The Socimi of Mazabi’s group plans to invest in a total renovation of the exterior area in Thader (Murcia) creating new areas for terraces
  • It will also improve the illumination in La Fira (Reus, Tarragona) and its vegetation with 150 local species from the Mediterranean área
  • It also renews 9 of the 18 cinemas in Bahía Plaza (Cádiz) and will install 834 new generation seats

29 October 2020, Madrid– SILICIUS Real Estate, SOCIMI specialised in the management of rental properties focusing on the long term and stable income streams, is undergoing a major investment of €6,2 million in Thader (Murcia), La Fira (Reus, Tarragona) and Bahía Plaza (Cádiz) shopping centres with the triple intention of improving the equipment, offering better facilities and guaranteeing the safety of customers, workers and operators.


Most of the investment has already been carried out in the exterior area of Thader shopping centre. New spaces have been prepared for terraces and the connection between areas has also been eased. Illumination has been improved, creating a natural effect in passing areas. Landscape gardening has been completed with natural vegetation. Terraces have been enclosed with sliding and folding glazing systems and retractable canvases to make them energy efficient. The customer service point has also been modernised. Closed and functional spaces to relax have been created, children areas have also been refurbished improving kids safety. A total of €4,5 million has been invested in these modifications.


Changes in La Fira have been mainly done outside. A new terrace on the second floor has been prepared with big pergolas and enclosed with a sliding and folding glazing system. The shopping centre has been renewed with waterproof flooring, low power LED lighting and more than 150 local Mediterranean vegetable species have been planted. The total cost of this investment is €0,7 million.


SILICIUS is also modernising 9 of the 18 cinemas in Bahía Plaza shopping centre and will install 843 new generation seats. These are upholstered electric motor reclining seats with USB input, individual armrests and a wooden tray. The budget for these changes is €1 million and will also improve the cinema stand where the seats will be located which will mean a reduction in the capacity of the cinema, from 2000 to 843 seats.

These changes will be ready by December. During the meantime, the rest of the cinemas will remain open. Once the work is over, the total capacity of the Bahía Plaza’s cinemas will be 2843 seats.


These actions show the company’s commitment to retail parks, shopping centres and high street commercial premises during the current uncertain situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are investing in our assets to increase their value and improve our situation concerning our competitors. It is time to reinforce and look after our assets, support our tenants and foster commercialization” says Juan Diaz de Bustamante, CEO in SILICIUS.

In addition to these changes, SILICIUS has worked since the beginning of the pandemic situation on having the best preventive measures against COVID-19 and on guaranteeing the safety of customers, workers and operators. SILICIUS three shopping centres were certified this summer with the AIS-COVID Protocol, a protocol strongly based on the indications established by the Ministry of Health on matters of COVID-19 and occupational safety and accessibility. It follows national and international legislation as well as good practices lead by public and professional institutions.