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The company

We are a SOCIMI, managed by Mazabi, specialized in the purchase and active management of properties in profitability that generate long-term stable income for its shareholders by providing them with an annual coupon.

The main strategy of the company is aimed at generating stable long-term income for the shareholder, creating value in the assets and maximizing the operational efficiency of each asset.

The company is led by highly qualified partners and managers with a long experience in the Spanish real estate market in charge of managing the asset portfolio and seeking investment opportunities.

Cuenta con un equipo de profesionales de primer nivel, con más de 17 años de presencia en el sector habiendo intervenido en operaciones de compraventa de activos inmobiliarios por importe superior a 3BM€ en conjunto.

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Principles and Philosophy




Low Indebtedness

Costs of


The team

The management team and the professionals that are part of Silicius have a long history and experience in the real estate sector and share the same philosophy: transparency, work and efficiency. It is a dynamic, professional and committed team, committed to talent and sharing knowledge to manage assets and achieve maximum profitability for the shareholder.

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Juan Diaz de Bustamante de Ussia

General Manager

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Laura Sáez-Bravo Martínez

Asset Manager

Competitive advantage - Mazabi Group

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The Silicius and Mazabi team and their managers have intervened in sales transactions for an added value of € 3,000.

Mazabi is an established operator in the Spanish market which allows access to the local market of each sub-markets and to develop strategic relationships with the different market “actors”.

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Good access to “out of market” operations and outside the “Scope” private investment funds and Family Office due to local presence, the reputation obtained based on the years of relationship and strategic relationships (national FO, tenants, brokers) , banks, etc.) with the market players.

In 2016 Mazabi received € 22bn from the volume of real estate assets (1,500 assets), of which 86% were discarded and 1% was finally purchased.

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Since 2009, Mazabi has structured 42 SPV companies as private investment vehicles with a variety of partners and types of investments.

He is also a specialist in the structuring of family real estate assets, within which he has an experience in family patrimonial structuring of € 3BM.

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Due to the reputation, solvency and long experience of the banks with the Mazabi group, the access to the financing of our projects is a competitive advantage due to the requirements of the financing of the banks to different “actors” of the Spanish real estate market .

Mazabi has managed to sign financing operations for its projects with conditions below market.

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Mazabi was founded in 2009 with a managed assets of € 250 million. In 8 years the volume of managed assets reaches 1,050 Million Euros. It has an audited track-record of 20 years of experience in the Spanish real estate market.

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Since 2011 Mazabi is the “Advisor” of Citi Private Bank for Private Banking customers in relation to the Spanish Real Estate Market.